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Jun 10, 2021 | Market

Battle of the Bundles

Battle of the Bundles

My friend Maria is into boxing and she was ranting on social media about the latest big boxing match. Floyd Mayweather was scheduled to fight some young social media star. They streamed it for $49.99, but the figure was a big bust. No one came out looking good. No knock-outs, somewhat of a snooze fest apparently.

Now I’m not into boxing, but I do know how much hype goes into those and how much MONEY they make.

It made me think: there is such a thing as too much hype.

And I’m seeing this in front of my own eyes right now. Many of you are probably having your emails blown up by a LOT of people in our industry talking about these two big bundles for writers right now. I’m assuming you’re probably on email lists of quite a few people who are promoting these.

These are two of our industry’s biggest annual deals, and they launched just ONE day apart. I’ve bought both of them for my own use since they’re a big savings on things I’d already planned to buy…but which one was really the CHAMPION of publishing deals? Is there substance behind the hype?

So today I present: the BATTLE OF THE BUNDLES!

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Battle of the Bundles

In this corner we have the Writer’s Toolkit bundle! Coming in at over $5k worth of writing resources for just $99, this bundle is a newcomer, but it’s come to compete!

In the other corner we have the reigning champ, Write Publish Profit 4.0! This heavyweight boasts more than $8k in publishing power for only $49. Can this longtime favorite overwhelm the challenger?

Let’s find out!

We asked 4 members of our team who are not just publishing experts, but also working writers, to weigh in on which bundle will deliver the knockout hit!

Nancy: As someone who writes for a living, the Writer’s Toolkit is right up my alley. The craft of writing courses will go a long way in sharpening my skills, and in the meantime, the freelance writing resources will help me pay the bills. Plus, let’s be real. I know the ecourses are probably amazing but I’m not going to be able to take all those courses fast enough, so those cheat sheets are a genius idea. I’m going to call this one for the Writer’s Toolkit. (Click here to purchase yours!)

Raewyn: I’m really into the Write Publish Profit 1 year membership to the Novel Factory. As an experienced media and marketing expert, I’m starting to dabble in novel writing, and I’d love to take my skills to the next level. While the writing craft products in the Writer’s Toolkit go deep, I think the offerings in Write Publish Profit will take me further. I’m calling it for Write Publish Profit! (Click here to purchase yours!)

Mandi: As an indie author I am thrilled to have access to tools and techniques that are proven – not by untouchable famous authors – but by other indie authors like me in both product bundles. The Writer’s Toolkit’s productivity courses sound like they’d energize my writing, which I’d love after this year of pandemic chaos. I also am SUPER interested in the 1 year membership to ProWritingAid Academy, which alone is a $499 value. I love the overall focus on craft. For me, it’s the Writer’s Toolkit coming out on top! (Click here to purchase yours!)

Sarah: I’ve been noodling around on 2 different novels in 2 different genres this year, and I want to step up and commit to finishing at least one of them! I never did grab my ProWritingAid membership during the Summit, and I regret it every time I open Scrivener! What I’d save on that subscription alone makes Write Publish Profit more than worth it. I’ll be diving into the agent querying resources right away. And I’m also interested in the tool that helps authors develop secondary characters – my books are full of background characters I can’t quite pin down! Overall, I’m giving the win to Write Publish Profit! (Click here to purchase yours!)

Looks like this battle is a draw – I trust my team to know a value when they see one! Both the Writer’s Toolkit and Write Publish Profit are fantastic options for aspiring and working writers at any stage in their process! It’s our team’s official recommendation that you purchase BOTH resources! Combined you’d get more than $13k of writing, publishing and marketing courses, masterminds, tools, books and resources for less than $150.

(HOWEVER, IF YOU DO HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE, I’ll be tie breaker and say – WritePublishProfit 4.0! Why? Because my course bundles including Instagram for Authors and Goodreads for Authors are included, and well, I’ve been a part of this community since the very first launch of this bundle 4 years ago! I know and trust that it is exactly what they promise. But seriously, I bought both bundles!)

If you do decide to purchase both of these bundles, send us your receipts and we’ll enter you into a drawing to win a bundle of our own: a signed copy of my two bestselling books on publishing, Ditch the Fear and Just Write It! and Ditch the Fear and Just Market It! Just reply to this email with your proof of purchase to get a chance to win!

Whatever you decide to do, ACT NOW! The Writer’s Toolkit is only available until June 11, and Write Publish Profit 4.0 is over on June 15! Don’t miss out on these once-a-year opportunities to knock out your book in 2021!


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