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Our WIP School has helped hundreds to become confident writers, published authors and thriving authorpreneurs over and over again.

Because of WIP School, I am no longer afraid of the business side of being a writer, but actually excited about it. The support system is tremendous. Not only factual, but warm and beautifully human.

Nicole Heinrich
Member of WIP School

WIP School will transform you into a
braver, focused author who publishes books your readers beg to read.


Program Content: WIP School teaches authors at any phase in their writing, publishing or selling journey how to launch, build and scale a career of writing. Our team of WPS experts guides authors through the process with live training, featured workshops, and an extensive catalog of resources.

Weekly Live Calls: Never feel stuck again whether you have writer’s block, are curious about a legal question, don’t know how to build your social media platform, want feedback on your book cover or are curious about what it takes to become a repeat published author in our weekly live calls with Alexa and the WPS team.

Live Workshops: Each month get specialized training from book publishing, marketing and selling experts around the world in our featured workshops designed to take your expertise to the next level.

Imagine If You Could…

Finally get the book out of your head that you’ve been stuck on writing forever.

ithout wasting time and money on programs, tools, and options that don’t work.

Or better yet, what if this happened:

You went from a published author no one’s heard of to one with a raving audience begging to read every book.

Or you built the lifestyle of your dreams because you’re a repeat published author.

… because you finally have the support and tools to thrive.

#becauseofWIPSchool, I have published two books. Two years ago, I accepted a challenge from my son to write our books. I finished with 20 chapters and had no clue where to go from there. Enter WIP School. And here I am, working on Book 3.
Carol Amorosi

As a career publicist and now a publisher, I know that your info is spot on. And SOOOO needed in our industry.


I think what you are doing is fabulous. I’ve enjoyed everything that I have attended to date and really appreciate all the assistance you give to authors

Merle Saferstein


Authors at any level learn how to become better at writing, publishing and marketing their book, and every book to come.

WIP School is a multi-faceted approach
to helping authors get readers on demand.

Who’s Teaching This Program?

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today best-selling author, publisher, and founder and CEO of Write|Publish|Sell, a company dedicated to helping authors professionally self-publish and market their books. Her courses and training focus on author platform growth and fun, creative ways to market books. The membership program she created for authors, WIP School, focuses on mentoring and training authors through the process of growing their author businesses and developing savvy book marketers. She is also the founder and host of the Women in Publishing Summit, a conference and community dedicated to empowering and educating authors and professionals in the publishing industry. Alexa owns three hybrid publishing houses, Kat Biggie Press, Chrysalis Press, and Purple Butterfly Press.

I created WIP School because I wanted to build the thing I needed most when I was starting out as an author.

I sincerely thank you absolutely wonderful ladies for the fantastic opportunity of WIP school. A special, special shout out to My Girl Nancy! Thank you for your patience with all my questions and all your magnificent support. Keep up the fabulous work you ladies are doing. Thank you Alexa for your stupendous, enlightening, engaging vision!!!!!!


WHOA it is mega powerful it seems… thanks for your hard work. Your organization has transformed my life and given me purpose again.

Rainy Horvath

Join wip school for less than a night out!

WIP School is right for you if:

You have a lot of questions about the publishing process.

You’re not sure where to find people to help with editing, book cover design, book marketing or growing an audience.

You want to grow as an author and make great connections in the industry and with other authors.

WIP School may not be for you if:

You are looking for 1:1 individualized support (although you can book consulting calls at a reduced rate.)

You’re only interested in finding an agent and going the traditional route to publishing.

You are publishing a passion project and aren’t interested in taking all of the extra steps to grow your business as an author.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WIP School?

It’s the program I built that I wished I’d had as an author going through the phases. Even as a seasoned veteran, I’m still learning – and supporting authors keeps me on my toes. We share best practices, easier processes, sharper tools, plus feedback and support as you’re making decisions along the way.

WIP School includes…

  • Free access to our monthly publishing premium workshop
  • THREE exclusive Q&A sessions with Alexa every month
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions with our Write|Publish|Sell team members on tech questions, websites, email CRMs, Instagram, Facebook, newsletters, TikTok and more every month
  • Free access to our massive training vault, with marketing, publishing and writing resources galore
  • A template and tool library to move you forward
  • Exclusive networking sessions and weekly writing time
  • A private WIP School community where you can connect with our team and your fellow authors
I'm still writing - is this program for me?

Absolutely. This is the BEST time for you to start. If you ask any author what they wish they could change, almost all of them will tell you that they wish they’d known more when they started to avoid the multitude of mistakes they made along the way. Lay the groundwork while you’re still writing, and you’ll have a much easier time prepping for the launch.

This program is about giving you the building blocks for author success.

Authors in the early phases of their process will spend time:

  • Start to identify ideal readers
  • Get all questions about the publishing process and routes to publishing answered
  • Learn whether you should self, hybrid, or traditionally publish
  • Identify the type of marketing profile you want to start creating
  • Begin to build your profile as authors and experts

If you’re ready to spend a little time each month laying the foundation for your book’s success, yes, this program is for you, no matter where you are in your writing process.

I’ve already published my book, is this still a good program for me?

Are you struggling with marketing or need help taking it to the next level? Do you have more books you might want to do differently or realized after the fact you could have done better? If the answer to either of these is yes, then WIP School is a good fit.

Is this really for all authors / all genres? (Novelists/memoir writers/children’s book authors/nonfiction writers)

Yep! All kinds of authors join WIP School, and we have been so excited to see that there is a huge amount of information regularly being shared between authors working in really different genres. There is a freshness of insight that seems to really pop up when we mix a diverse group of writers together!

I want to be traditionally published. Is WIP School for me?

It absolutely can be! We can answer questions on agents, finding agents, proposals and query letters, give resources on how to make sure you’re best prepared. Most agents want a book that’s already been edited – we have connections with editors. But most importantly, even if you’re traditionally published, the lion’s share of marketing is going to fall on YOU. We’ve got you covered!

When do the live sessions happen?

WIP School has a lot of live content happening every month. It’s all recorded, so if you can’t make every (or any) live session, that’s okay. We also make it possible for folks who can’t attend the live sessions to ask their questions, so they don’t need to worry about missed opportunities.

That said, many people prefer to ask their questions live. Our Q&As happen at 1pm EST, and our writing sessions usually happen between 10am – 1pm EST. Networking sessions will be based on folks’ schedules and move around to make sure people can get there. Author pods will be set up to work with the participants’ schedules.

What’s the time commitment?

The time commitment is what you want / can put into it! We have at least 1 hour of live Q&A sessions each week, a 90 minute training session each month, and other webinars, guest speakers, networking, etc. But you attend what you want and put into it the amount of time you have available.

You could spend hours in our training vault, but these are all on demand and you can go through them at any time, as long as you’re an active member.

The training vault is available on Day 1 of your membership.

It looks like you focus largely on publishing and marketing. What kind of support do you offer for writing?

I’m so excited to announce we’ve just added a new bonus session – writing critique, which will be facilitated by an editor who can give feedback, as well as your peers. We also have members in the group who are writing coaches, and if you need additional help, we can make those connections. Also, your Author Pod (facilitated small groups) should be a great resource for providing feedback and support.

AND, we’ve partnered with Jenna Avery of Called to Write, a program to help writers move forward on their writing, and she’ll be offering a substantial discount for her program for writers who need additional writing support.

But yes, it is important to note the program is more centrally focused on your development and growth as an author, understanding routes to publishing and steps you need to take, and how to grow your author platform and market, so if you’re only looking for a writing support program at the moment, this is not it.

Let’s turn your writing
into a best-selling brand.