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May 23, 2022 | Market

4 Ways to Launch Your Book

Have you planned how you will launch your book?

I am often asked about how authors should launch their books. To pre-order or not? How much time should it take? What factors need to be considered? What steps need to be taken? When do you need to start?

Many factors will determine what type of timeline and launch you follow. In our recent webinar, How to Smash Your Book Launch, I talked about the four ways to launch your book.

I break it down into four main categories to launch your book:

  • The Rapid Launch
  • Passion project launch
  • Re-launch
  • Traditional launch

In the presentation below, I explained in which circumstances you might choose the launch that is going to work best for you, and why.

Briefly, I recommend:

  • Rapid launch – for those with existing audiences (ie, an entrepreneur or business owner with an audience, authors who have been publishing for awhile and have a reader base) OR for a specific deadline (an event or significant date) OR for those with a series that will come out in a short timeframe
  • Passion project – have a specific book you want to get into the world and don’t care about a sales goal or reviews
  • Re-launch – first round didn’t go as well as you’d like, so you’re doing a re-launch
  • Traditional – the best option for new authors, 1st time authors, or authors who haven’t seen the results they’ve wanted and want to start fresh with a longer marketing tail. The traditional method (the method we teach in Book Launch in a Box) teaches all the steps to implement for a minimum of 3 months prior to launch for up to a year or more before… plus during and post launch. Takes more time and consistent actions, but the results are worth it!

Of course I included case studies and other great information from recent and upcoming launches.

You can catch it all here:

Catch the replay here.

We talk about our program Book Launch in a Box in this webinar. This program runs once a year. Learn more here.

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