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Thrivecart for Authors

Thrivecart for Authors

We’re a proud affiliate for Thrivecart and are pleased to tell you about using Thrivecart for Authors.

Thrivecart is a shopping cart tool that can help you EASILY create products to sell and share. IE, your book!

Why would you want to sell your book directly? There are so many reasons! Primarily, to make more money, grow your email list, create other products to sell along with your book, and more.

We use Thrivecart to sell our books for all of these reasons!

Creating a book sales page with Thrivecart is simple – without any knowledge of html or coding. And best of all, you can use it with our withOUT a website – you can send traffic directly to your sales page without even putting it on your website.

The links can be added to your website or sent directly on social or in emails.

Best of all, with a onetime license fee, you don’t have to worry about paying thousands and thousands of dollars in recurring monthly fees to use it.

I have been using Thrivecart for YEARS to sell books, programs, giveaway ebooks to grow my email list, etc, and I’m happy to be an affiliate for them and share about the wonderful tool. If you want to get the lifetime deal with one payment, don’t delay.

Get Thrivecart today!

thrivecart for authors

Watch this quick tutorial on how to purchase, Pro or Standard?

For the rest of the tutorials:

Once you’ve purchased, sign up for my free course: How to Use Thrivecart to Sell Your Book – a basic course on setting up your account and creating your sales pages.