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Book Launches

Book Launches

Book launches: You write it & hand the rest to my team!

This option is all about the marketing! If you know you’re totally good to go on the writing front, but are a little lost when it comes to launching your book, this is for you.

Most people don’t realize that the marketing process begins 3-6 months before your publication date.

Pro-tip: that means that writing and marketing may be happening at the same time! So if you really want (or need) to focus just on writing, let us take care of the marketing plan for ya! Stay in your zone of genius, girl!

Every package is tailored to each individual author, but the many packages include:

  • Build your platform & email list (so you don’t launch to an empty audience!)
  • Create and implement your visibility plan
  • Research and pitch guest spots on relevant podcasts
  • Hook you up with the right publicist
  • Book you on local and national live radio and tv spots
  • Create and distribute your media kit & press releases
  • Manage all social media to post engaging content


If you’re ready to move forward with your project today, click on the questionnaire below and let’s get started!