DIY Services

Are you determined to do this on your own? But maybe then you realized you might need just a LITTLE bit of help to figure out all the pieces of self-publishing? I get it… that was me too. I’ve created a constantly growing collection of tutorials and training programs to help you in your self-publishing journey. The BEST training program I offer is the Write|Publish|Sell Academy – which is a monthly membership program at a very low cost that provides training and tutorials on all of the major elements (and even a bunch of the nitty gritty) to help you through all elements of getting your book successfully created, launched, and sold.

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Done WITH you Services

So you still want to self-publish, but you know you don’t want to do ALL the work. I get it.   I will show you the what, where, when, and how and you will take the actions. These services are done through coaching calls, templates, swipe copy, etc. and focus on the preparation of the book, the launching, and the marketing.

 Author Coaching

Let me help you navigate the unknown!

Need someone to keep you on schedule and focused through the writing process? I am the person that’s going to hold your hand from start to finish. I will be on your team to help you:

  • Set (and keep!) deadlines
  • Outline your writing and marketing plan
  • Explain what you need to focus on and when you need to focus on it
  • Keep you on track for a publishing timeline
  • Proofreading
  • Content suggestions
  • Marketing strategy
  • Guidance on how to effectively LAUNCH your book

All in all, I will be your Book BFF – your Accountability Buddy so your book gets both written and published, coaching and guiding you through every step of the process!

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Book Launches

Book launches: You write it & hand the rest to my team!

This option is all about the marketing! If you know you’re totally good to go on the writing front, but are a little lost when it comes to launching your book, this is for you.

Most people don’t realize that the marketing process begins 3-6 months before your publication date.

Pro-tip: that means that writing and marketing may be happening at the same time! So if you really want (or need) to focus just on writing, let us take care of the marketing plan for ya! Stay in your zone of genius, girl!

Every package is tailored to each individual author, but the many packages include:

  • Build your platform & email list (so you don’t launch to an empty audience!)
  • Create and implement your visibility plan
  • Research and pitch guest spots on relevant podcasts
  • Hook you up with the right publicist
  • Book you on local and national live radio and tv spots
  • Create and distribute your media kit & press releases
  • Manage all social media to post engaging content

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General Marketing:

We Offer DIY, Done WITH you, and done FOR you services.


DIY: we provide you the info and you carry it out. Our general marketing and distribution plan is $97.

Done WITH you: Through 3x 30-minute calls, we go through your project with you, get a good feel for your needs, and I’ll help you create your marketing strategy. You’ll receive support and guidance through our calls. This is $497.

Done FOR you marketing strategy: $1000 This includes an initial strategy session so that we get a full understanding of your needs, the development of the marketing strategy, and implementation directions. We can also provide implementation support at an additional fee.

To schedule your done for you marketing strategy, click here.


I also offer a 30-minute call that is simply a brainstorming session. This is $75. You can schedule that call here.


Book REBOOT – Marketing Strategy

Your book isn’t selling like you hoped it would. That’s a big, big bummer.

You need a BOOK REBOOT!

There are so many fun and effective marketing techniques to implement to help you grow not only your platform, but also sell your book.

If you’re in need of an overview and assessment, a fresh marketing plan, and a personalized strategy to increase your book sales, I would love to work with you.

Let’s develop your badass book marketing blueprint together and REBOOT those sales!

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Done FOR You

Don’t want to figure it out? Let is do it all for you, including laying out the interior of your book and converting the ebook for you, loading to publishing sites, etc…

The complete publishing package

The “do it all for me” publishing package.

Typically this is for the busy entrepreneur.  You know your next best step is to publish a book to level up your business, increase credibility, book speaking engagements and become a thought leader in your sphere of influence.

You have written your book, or are finishing it up, and you want someone to just take the reigns and do the rest for you. This package includes a professionally designed book cover, coordination with an editor if you are in need of one, an ISBN, copyright filing, development of keywords, choice of correct categories, creation of the back cover description, layout of the book, publishing to KDP, CreateSpace, and IngramSpark, and coaching to make sure you know how to keep up with your book once we have launched. 

This package runs between $2500 – $15,000 depending on the options you select.

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Support Services

Support: Ebook and Print layout services

Find out about our interior layout services and ebook conversion.

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Bottom line: we are your one-stop shop to grow your business and increase brand visibility by writing and launching your book!! Let’s get you published!