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Podcast Pitching for Authors

How to Pitch Podcasts For Authors

 How to Pitch Podcasts (for Authors) course is designed to help you:

  • Expand your network and author platform by getting on to podcasts
  • Teach you how to find the appropriate podcasts
  • Show you how to locate the contact information for the right person
  • Provide the tools so that you can properly pitch a podcast and actually get spots on relevant podcasts
  • Give you the templates and resources you need to benefit most from appearing on podcasts
  • Save you $400+ a month from having someone else do all of this for you

Overcoming Limiting Mindsets

Three authors talk about overcoming limiting beliefs. What’s holding you back from being a successful author?

The Quick Book System

This is a free resource designed to help entreprenuers get started on their author journey! 

Quarter 4 2023 IG Trend Report

Quarter 4 2023 IG Trend Report

Here's Our Instagram Quarter 4 Reels Trend Report! Instagram and Meta have spent most of quarter 3 introducing Threads and rolling out updates to that app. Have you joined Threads yet? The WIP School group have been talking about how great it is for connecting with...

July 2023 IG Trend Report

July 2023 IG Trend Report

Here's Our Instagram Reels Trend Report for July 2023! Now that Meta has been focusing on Threads, the Instagram changes have stalled, allowing us to really focus on fine tuning our strategies instead of flying by the seat of our pants. As with any marketing,...

Amazon Ads for Authors

Amazon Ads for Authors

Amazon Ads for Authors Alexa Bigwarfe, author coach, publisher, and book marketing expert, shares some advice on Amazon Ads for Authors. I started running Amazon ads to my first book Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother probably about 8...