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Thank you for letting us know what kind of content you’re interested in. Take a look at the publishing production resources we’ve compiled for you, below.

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Self-Publishing 101: The Mechanics

This is a course designed for the person who wants to do most of the work of creating and publishing their book on their own. It is a beginner to the intermediate level course – perfect for the first time author or maybe 2nd time author who realizes they missed some steps the first time around. It’s okay – publishing is a big, big, big world, and after years and years, I am STILL learning. So be kind to yourself!

What Authors Need To Know About Metadata

Kathy Meis of Bublish talks about the importance of metadata, and what authors need to know. Metadata is the backbone of book production, so don’t miss this one!

Loading Your Book To IngramSpark

Updated for new 2020 interface. Learn how to navigate IngramSpark. If you want your book to be in bookstores, it should be on IngramSpark.

Finding an editor for your book

Finding an editor for your book

  Are you struggling with finding an editor? Getting your book edited is one of the most important elements of publishing a book. What’s the point of publishing a book […]

The Paths to Publishing a Book

The Paths to Publishing a Book

When it comes to publishing a book, there are so many options. It’s exciting...and also terrifying. There are so many publishing paths, but you can’t help but worry that one wrong choice is going to seal your book’s fate. Let me reassure you: I believe there is a...

Publishing Bottlenecks: 2021 Book Shortage

Publishing Bottlenecks: 2021 Book Shortage

It’s been all over the news: the publishing industry is careening towards a book shortage in the final quarter of 2021. And the ripple effects might last much longer than that! But what does it mean for authors? What is a book shortage? It’s true: Ingram and Bookazine...