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prelaunch marketing strategy

Attention All Authors Serious About Having a Great Book Launch!

Launching your book is a journey, and every successful journey begins with a solid plan. We know this can be overwhelming and marketing is a COMPLETELY different skill set than writing the book!

That’s why we’re offering you the Pre-Launch Book Marketing Strategy guide for FREE!

This essential resource is designed to put your book where it needs to be—right in front of your ideal readers.

Download the Pre-Launch Book Marketing Strategy Today & Start Building Your Path to Bestseller Status!

With this strategy you can…

  • Target the Right Audience: Discover how to identify your book’s perfect audience. Learn the ins and outs of finding reviewers and influencers who can amplify your book’s presence.
  • Build Your Marketing Arsenal: From creating a database of potential reviewers to pitching your book effectively, we guide you through establishing a robust ARC (Advance Reader Copy) and launch team.
  • Maximize Exposure: Get insider tips on organizing book tours, managing giveaways, leveraging advance reader platforms, and securing editorial reviews to boost visibility.
  • Amplify Your Buzz: Implement dynamic marketing strategies to create a buzz around your book. We’ll show you how to effectively use social media, traditional media outlets, and podcasts to keep the momentum going.

Why Wait? Your journey towards a groundbreaking book launch begins here. Download your free guide and start crafting a marketing strategy that not only finds readers but also earns rave reviews!


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