Linking Formats and Editions of Your Book on Amazon - WRITE|PUBLISH|SELL

If someone searches for your book on Amazon, do all the formats you’ve created turn up? Do readers see your hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook all on one page? What if you’ve got a book with multiple editions? 

When each format and edition of your book goes live, they should link automatically. In the event that yours doesn’t do so automatically, I strongly recommend taking the time to get it right. Proper links help people make good buying decisions AND help you make book sales. 

Troubleshooting linking formats and editions on Amazon.

If you’ve tried to link your books before on Amazon and it hasn’t worked, one common problem is that the book details don’t match. The title, subtitle, author, contributors, series, language, edition type and volume all need to match up. 

How to manually link your book on Amazon.