Transfer a Book From KDP to IngramSpark | ISBN Transfer

Jun 9, 2023 | Publish

Transfer a Book From KDP to IngramSpark

How to transfer a book from KDP to IngramSpark

If you want your book on both KDP and IngramSpark, but started in KDP (or even back when it was CreateSpace) you may have to transfer a book from KDP to IngramSpark.

But can I have my book on both KDP and IngramSpark?

Yes! And you should, for a lot of reasons. Namely, distribution to anyone buying books outside of Amazon. Adding your book to IngramSpark is generally a pretty easy process, but you may run into an error.

Error: When I try to load the book to IngramSpark, it is telling me the ISBN is already in use.

If this happened to you, it’s because of a fixable mistake.

Often authors who publish their book first on Amazon KDP (or formerly CreateSpace) – make a simple mistake that makes it more challenging to get on IngramSpark. Actually two mistakes.

  1. Using the free ISBN – which will ONLY allow you to publish on KDP
  2. Selecting the “Expanded distribution” box on KDP.

(Do not use free ISBNs unless you never plan on having your book anywhere but KDP.)

If you chose Expanded distribution (see image below, the box at the top right on your pricing page) – your book is technically distributed everywhere (ie, the system thinks your book is in the IngramSpark database) – but your book is not actually going to be available anywhere else. It’s confusing, and a pain, and the best way to avoid this is to NOT check the box in the first place, but if you already have, there is a workaround. You’ll have to transfer your book to IngramSpark. But don’t worry, you can still have your book in KDP as well.

KDP expanded distribution

Read this article at New Shelves Books on WHY you should do KDP AND Ingram.

If you published through KDP and now want to add your book to Ingram, AND you selected Expanded distribution, when you try to load your book on Ingram, you will get an error that the ISBN is already in use. This does NOT mean that you can’t use the same ISBN for the same format of the book in different places. It means your book is already “showing up” in Ingram. But not really.

You’ll want to take the steps to transfer your book to Ingram (but can still leave it on KDP as well.)

Transferring Your Book from KDP to IngramSpark

Assuming you have purchased your own ISBN from Bowker…

  1. Go into KDP and look at your distribution channels. This is under the Paperback Rights and Pricing Tab – in the block on pricing and royalties. You’ll want to UNSELECT the check box that says global / expanded distribution!
    NOTE – YOU CAN STILL DISTRIBUTE TO ALL OF AMAZON’S GLOBAL MARKETPLACES (LISTED UNDER THE MARKETPLACES). This places your book into the global Amazon stores… so, .de, .uk, etc. Just don’t select Expanded distribution (which is outside of Amazon).

    • If KDP owns the ISBN or if it is KDP exclusive, it cannot be transferred. You must get a new ISBN. See below.
  2. Once you have deselected and saved, head on over to the Help/Contact section and send KDP an email letting them know you are distributing your book to IngramSpark and you need them to release your ISBN. This is VERY important because as I mentioned earlier, when you try to load your book to IngramSpark, using the same ISBN (because that’s what you should do) – IngramSpark believes it’s already in use. Because in theory, CreateSpace is “distributing” to them through expanded distribution.
  3. Fill out this form: Title Transfer Form
  4. Note that it can take up to 30 days for the transfer to happen. They will email you back and let you know if there are errors, changes to be made, or if it is processing.
  5. Make sure you have set up your account at and you’ll be ready to load your book to Ingram once you’ve received confirmation Amazon KDP has released it.

How to fix it if you used a free ISBN and then purchased a new ISBN

FIrst, note that if you are still using a KDP ISBN, it is owned by them and you cannot transfer a KDP ISBN anywhere. You’ll need to purchase the ISBN, and republish your book on KDP with the new ISBN as a new version.

We recommend getting your ISBNs from Bowker at Make sure you’ve changed the ISBN in your interior and cover files!

Once you’ve received the approval on your files, Do NOT choose expanded distribution before hitting publish.

You will also need to UNPUBLISH the original book. As long as the book is not a different edition, and all aspects are the same except the ISBN, Amazon should still link the previous version so your reviews can carry over.

Loading your book to IngramSpark

If you’re ready to get your book loaded and distributed through IngramSpark, you may find this tutorial helpful in navigating their fields and information required.

Are you frustrated with trying to figure out all of the things you need to know to successfully self-publish your book? Check out WIP School.



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