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Just Write It! Power Plan

I’ve been where you are.

You KNOW you have a book in you, you KNOW you want to write and publish a book. But as soon as you start thinking about it, your palms get all sweaty, you start to breathe faster, you come up with a MILLION reasons why no one would read or buy your book. So, you put it off. Again.

Stop doing that! Just Write It! (okay, so it’s not so simple, is it?)

Yes, writing a book is overwhelming!

Yes, there are a lot of excuses that may stop you from moving forward.

Yes, there are a TON of things you have to do beyond JUST WRITING to get your book published.

Yes, hiring a coach to help you through the process and get your book published is expensive.


At the end of the day, if you don’t JUST WRITE IT! you will spend the rest of your life wondering WHAT IF?

Don’t be that person who watches book launch after book launch and thinks – that should have been me.

I understand these fears.

That’s why I put together the workbook: Ditch the Fear and Just Write It! The No Excuses Power Plan to Start Your First Book

In this 12-week workbook (if a timeframe scares the pants off of you, don’t let it – this is just a suggested timeline to get you moving forward) you will find a simple-action oriented format with:

  • Tips for getting started
  • Daily and weekly activities to ensure you don’t push it off… again
  • How to write and plan your outline
  • Taking your outline and writing your first draft
  • Tools, strategies, advice from other female entrepreneurs who took the plunge and wrote their book to grow their business
  • Mindset work to get you past your limiting beliefs
  • The motivation to get moving
  • Inspirational tips
  • Time management strategies
  • Space to journal your thoughts, if that’s your thing
  • and so much more!

I will walk you through the key steps of getting your outline and the first draft completed. We’re also going to touch on mindset issues, conquering fears, and working through any of those issues that may be holding you back.

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If you’re committed to writing your book and you know you need help to get it done but don’t have the funds to invest in an author coach to get you through the process, this is the BOOK FOR YOU.

Featuring insight and tips from:

And more!



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