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Jul 15, 2022 | Market

Instagram Trend Report: July 2022

The new features can’t stop rolling out! If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new features Instagram has been throwing out there, that’s okay! You don’t have to try them all, it just gives you more and different opportunities to find something you like for creating Reels. Instagram isn’t just waiting around to see what’s popular on TikTok, then recreating it. Sure, that’s how Reels started out, but Instagram is all about being innovative and trend-setting. 

What does all of this mean?

The features offered by TikTok and Instagram will become increasingly different, as will the trends. Some may prove versatile, but if you’re thinking you can share the same content across both platforms, think again. Not all content will translate well to other platforms. Remember: We always recommend starting with the ONE platform that you enjoy checking in on and once you’ve got that nailed down, expanding to others. 

Awesome new features to check out

These new features will seriously make your novice Reels game SO much better. We touched on it last month, but in case you missed it… there’s now the ability to “Use a Template” at the bottom of certain Reels you watch. This allows you to make a Reel using the same audio & video cuts as the Reel you’re watching. If you’re a dud at editing video (Raewyn actually HATES it), this template feature will be great!

Also, for all of our followers who are course creators or businesses, Instagram introduced the Subscriptions feature. It was announced in mid-January and you may have gotten notifications of certain influencers/accounts having the capability. It’s currently in beta testing, but it should prove to be a great way to get recurring revenue and have a sustainable stream of income in an easily digestible format.

Here are a few of the Subscription features we can’t wait to have access to:

Subscriber Chats–ability to invite subscribers to a group chat

Subscriber Reels–option to post Instagram Reels for subscribers only

Subscriber Posts–option to post Instagram Reels for subscribers only

⇒ Subscriber Home–new tab in the profile for all content available only to subscribers.

Have you seen or tried any of these new features? Comment below and let us know what you think. 

As of July 2022, the following are the most effective ways to use the app and see great, consistent results:

Continue Using New Features

Try out the new Reels templates and let us know what you think! We already have our IG Reels planner for you. Should we create some templates specifically for authors?

Play to the algorithm

Now that Reels have been around for a while, we can track trends and get a peek into what the algorithm is tracking. Instagram is considering how your Reels are performing in terms of views, watch time, and the average view duration. This is why many creators favor short, shareable videos. However, the average view duration COULD give you a boost if your content is longer but captivating. In other words, the average view duration is the watch time divided by views. This is important because looking at either criteria alone won’t really show you if your Reels are successful.

Of course, Instagram hasn’t yet given us the analytics to figure out watch time on Reels. Check back in a few weeks with a few tips and tricks we’ve been trying at Write Publish Sell to boost your watch time!

Reels & Trends to Try This Month:


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