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Want to be an Advance Reader?

Are you…

Are you…
A professional Reviewer?
A parent? A teacher? A librarian?
A Book Lover who is willing to read and post reviews on Goodreads and/or Amazon?

Write Publish Sell helps to launch dozens of books each year, and we’re always looking for readers to help us spread the word about these books!

What’s an Advance Reader Copy?

Advance reader copies, also known as ARCs, are unproofed copies of books provided to reviewers ahead of the publication date. These may be e-galleys or print books, depending on the author. While an ARC is not usually the final version of the book, they are as close to final as possible. It is important for ARC readers to keep this in mind, as they may spot the occasional mistake that hasn’t yet been corrected in proofing.

What Do Advance Readers Do?

First, and foremost, the advance readers read books! Seems obvious, but if you have too many ARCs or TBRs in your pile, you may not be able to give a book an attentive read.  So, keep this in mind when considering an ARC and pay attention to the launch date for the book.

Advance Readers create help us create buzz about the book by leaving reviews on Goodreads and/or Amazon and sharing on social media (if that’s your jam – reviews are really important too!) Whether your jam is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, we rely on the advance readers to share the book on their platform and get readers excited!

For indie authors, reviews are EVERYTHING. It’s one of the best ways to help a book get found on Amazon, which has millions and millions of books. Reviews help to push the book up in search algorithms. Posting a review on Goodreads or StoryGraph is also a big help– readers love and trust recommendations from their fellow readers. But we’re happy however you can help us – either reviews or social media buzz!

Ready to Enjoy Some Free Books and Help Indie Authors?

Just fill out the form below. You’ll get an email whenever a book in your preferred genre is available for review. You’ll grab your free download from BookFunnel, an ARC delivery service that allows you send your download directly to your Kindle, e-reader or simply download to desktop. (Not all titles will be available for Kindle.)

In some cases, we have a limited number of print books available, usually only to US residents. These are reserved for readers who are actively engaged in on Instagram or TikTok community. (Small number of followers? No worries– we care more about engagement rate than number of followers.) 

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If you just love to read good books but aren’t doing all the things, please just fill in info for any place you might leave a review and we’d be happy to have you join us!