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Feb 12, 2017 | Write

I Want to Write a Book (or ebook) – Where do I start?

This is the most asked question that I see:

How do I start writing my book?

The simple answer is – with an idea!

OK, OK, you probably had the idea already, or you wouldn’t want to write about it, right?

So the next logical step is to craft an outline. Don’t let the outline scare you. I have horrific memories of high school and college papers in which the outline was my evil nemesis. I hated outlining. I just wanted to let ‘er rip! But… this will only cause pain and suffering in the long run. (Writers are overdramatic, what can I say?)

Seriously, your process will be much simpler if you can get all of your thoughts and ideas out on paper, and then you can start writing.

How do I outline my book?

Good news! I have an intenseĀ 1-hour training event called: From Idea to Outline in 1 Hour. If you need someone to walk you through the process, hold you accountable, and ensure you actually complete the outline, this is the perfect training for you. I’ll provide a sample outline for both fiction and nonfiction books. The training is $27 and will only be this price for a short time.

Plus, I’ll provide some action steps and answer the “what to do next”. You’ll be armed with the tools you need to move forward.

Once you have your ideas and flow fleshed out, start writing! Don’t get caught up in the where/how to write it. A simple word or google doc will do. If you let the fact that you don’t have some special writing software or tool hinder you, you’re never going to get your book done.

Schedule some uninterrupted time, sit down, and just write! Don’t edit. Don’t slow down. Don’t stop to research. If you need to add research, simply highlight it and move on. But write.

Studies show that writing with a pen on paper actually has some kind of impact on creative flow, so if you want to sit down and write old school, you can do that too.

But the outline is key. Knowing your path and keeping yourself on track is an important element to your success in writing your book in a timely manner.

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