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Nov 16, 2020 | Write

How to start writing a book

You want to write a book but you’re not sure where to begin. You begin your search “how to start writing a book” on the Internet and suddenly start to feel overwhelmed by the many programs and products available to help writers. Writing a book starts to feel very overwhelming.

Before you start to panic and give up on your dream, let’s take a moment and step back. Yes, there are many tools and programs available for authors. However, they are not essential to writing a book. In fact, you can get started on your book today with just a few simple tools that you already own.

Here are the essential tools you absolutely need to begin.

Something to write on!

This could be as simple as a pen and paper.

In today’s age of apps and programs designed to help you, the term writing tools may seem a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming though. You don’t have to pay for a fancy writing tool to get started on your book. In fact, you probably have the perfect writing tools in your home already.

Look around you. Do you see a pen and paper? A computer with internet? Google docs works well! Your phone? If you have any of these, you’re ready to begin your book. Pen and paper have been used by writers for centuries.  As long as you have a way to record your thoughts, then you’re ready to get started!

Some people prefer to write by hand while others get more done when they have a keyboard in front of them. Play around with the different methods until you find the one that fits for you. Then, get the book out of your head and down on paper.

2. Outline

You could just start writing and that certainly works for some people. Others need a guide to follow as they work on their book. This is where an outline can be helpful.

An outline is the roadmap to your book. It can help guide you as you write. An outline doesn’t have to be complex – even a simple one can help keep you on track. An outline keeps you from getting off track as you write your book. Without an outline, you’re probably wasting time.

Do you need help with your outlining? Definitely check out our program Jumpstart Your Book! 

3. Quiet Space

This is important. You need a space… where you feel like you can be creative and not easily distracted. Locate a spot in your home where you can write without interruption. This could be a comfy chair in the corner or a desk in a closed off room.

Think about your day to day schedule and find some time when you can be alone (or at least be surrounded by minimal noise) to write without interruptions. Then, retreat to your designated spot and spend some time working on your book.

Don’t overcomplicate it!

I’ve seen a lot of people push their book farther and farther out because they are trying to make things too complicated. You don’t need a lot of fancy tools to get started on your book, just use what you have, sit down, and start getting the words out.

However, you might still be feeling overwhelmed by the process. That’s where Write | Publish | Sell can help! You can find us in our free Facebook group chatting about topics related to writing, publishing, and selling books.

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