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May 30, 2021 | Publish

How to send files to your Kindle (PDFs and Mobi files)

how to send files to kindle

Have you received a PDF copy of a book that you want to view on your Kindle? Or did you download a .mobi file and don’t know how to open it on your Kindle?

This a common issue – especially for people who are avid participants as advanced readers or if you love to download freebies through or other similar free and discounted books.

Before we get into the directions for doing this manually, did you know that you can now use your Alexa to send ebooks, audiobooks, personal documents, etc., to your Kindle or remove them permanently from your library?

I haven’t tried to do this, but according to the Kindle Devices page, you get started by “Alexa, manage my content”. Head on over to Amazon to learn how to have Alexa help you. (And that’s the Amazon Alexa, not THIS Alexa.)

For the old school emailing to kindle, follow these easy directions!

How to send files to your Kindle (PDFs and Mobi files)

  1. Find your Send-to-Kindle” email address. This is the email address you’ll use to send the PDF to your Kindle or Kindle app:
  2. To find this email address, log in to your Amazon account and go to Accounts & Lists.
  3. Then click on Your Account and Devices.
  4. On the top menu, you’ll see Content, Devices, Preferences across the menu. Click on DEVICES.
  5. Choose the device you want to send it to and click on the box with the … on the left side of the page. This will open up a box that has a bunch of details, including the email address associated with that device.

sending files to kindle


  1. Once you have found the email address, open your email inbox. …
  2. Create a new email. …
  3. Enter your Send-to-Kindle” email address. …
  4. Click the “Attachment” …
  5. Select your PDF or .mobi file 
  6. Click Open. …
  7. Send your

Just a warning – most pdfs and other docs have not been formatted for kindle… so it may be difficult to read. However, a .mobi file should be good to go for reading on your Kindle.

As a side note, if you’re using a PDF for your Advanced Review Copy, you might want to make sure that your readers know how to do this as well! Feel free to share this post!

Good luck!


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