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Aug 25, 2017 | Market

Five Things You Need To Have On Your Author Website


Your Author Website

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Today, we’re pleased to have Patricia Talavera sharing the five things every author needs to have on an author website. 

5 Things You Need to Have on Your Author Website

By Patricia Talavera


I’ve spent a lot of time googling author websites. Partly because I’m a website designer and it’s a part of my research. And partly because I’d love to publish a book within a year so it doesn’t hurt to start getting some ideas for when the time comes.

Based on what I’ve seen, here are the must-haves for an author website:


1. About Section

This section is a good chance to let people know about you, people are on your site because they want to know more about you. Show off your personality and give them a peek behind the scenes. Why do you write what you do? Why did you become an author? If you have any relevant credentials you can include them here too.

This section doesn’t have to be super long, check out Just think about what you would want to see on your favorite author’s page and go from there.

2. Your Books 

You want people to buy your books right? Make it easy for them by including links on your website. If you sell your books on an external site like Amazon you can still include a link to the page so you can direct your visitors to the right place. Amazon even provides images you can use, as you can see here: She included a couple of images of her books then in the next section, she includes a link to the Amazon page.

3. Reviews

Do you have people who are constantly raving about your work? Ask them for permission to use their reviews on your website. Positive reviews will go a long way towards helping you make the sale.

4. Bonuses and Extras

Give people a reason to keep coming back to your website. Provide sneak peeks to your upcoming books, share videos of a recent event, or run a contest. You can even collect e-mail addresses so you can send newsletters and build relationships with your community. 

5. Contact information

Make it easy to get in touch with you. Are you on Facebook or Instagram? Include the link so people can follow your account. You can also just use a generic contact form, submissions can be sent to directly your e-mail.


Patricia Talavera is the co-owner of SYT Biz, a website design firm. The daughter of a computer engineer, Patricia’s been using computers since the age of 6, and she hasn’t stopped since. Though she has worked in the corporate world in a variety of roles, Patricia’s love for family, flexibility, and computers brought her home to start SYT Biz with her sister. She loves helping clients take their businesses to the next level with professional, beautiful websites. In her spare time, Patricia enjoys lots of coffee, shopping for office supplies, and occasionally binge-watching Netflix.
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