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Nov 18, 2021 | Market

Facebook Ads for Authors

You’ve published your book and now you’re wondering how to market your book without spending a fortune.

You’ve heard about Facebook ads and have even seen others have success with them. You’ve heard that they can be a lost cost marketing effort but you’re not sure where to start. Should you learn on your own or hire someone to do it for you? Let’s take a look at the options.

Do It Yourself with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a great tool if you know what you’re doing. If you jump in and try to wing it, you’ll most likely end up spending a fortune during the learning process.

Sure, you could play around and eventually figure it out through trial and error but when it comes to ads, trial and error will cost you money along the way. You will probably spend more money trying to figure it out alone.

Picture this: You found a free tutorial on the basics and set up an ad for your book.  It runs for a few days (costing you money) and at the end, you have nothing to show for it – no new followers or readers. So, you try again. Maybe you switch up the copy and image and set it up once again. You get a few followers, but you didn’t meet your goal. So, you try again and again until you eventually meet your goal and feel like you’ve figured it out.

While this sounds like a great do-it-yourself method, it’s also a costly one. Each time you “try again,” you throw more money at Facebook in an attempt to figure out what works. These attempts will add up over time and eventually you’ll wonder if there was an easier way.

Hire Someone to Help You

This seems like the easiest method up front. You’ll have someone else doing the work for you. You won’t have to worry about the analytics or getting everything set up.

This is also the most expensive option. You’ll have to pay the person running your ads in addition to the cost of the ads themselves. The cost of hiring varies with the level of expertise but it will definitely cost.

In addition to the cost, you’ll have to trust that the person running your ads understands your book and audience. Do your research before selecting the person that will be running your ads.

With this route, you will be less involved in the process. While this sounds nice, it also means that you’ll be clueless if you stop working with your Facebook ads manager. You’ll find yourself once again wondering how it all works.

Learn from a Professional

There is a third option that will save you time and money. With this third option, you will learn how to run Facebook ads from an expert in the field. The investment for this option is significantly less than hiring someone and it will give you the skills and confidence to run them yourself. Plus, there’s no costly trial and error period! Instead, you’ll learn valuable tips from someone that has experience with ads.

We like this option so much that we’ve set up a special workshop called Facebook Ads for Authors. We’ve teamed up with Ilonka Ras of Counter Clock Digital to bring you this low cost workshop. In this workshop, we’ll be talking specifically about how authors can use Facebook ads to sell their books and build their brand. You’ll learn how to set up ads and run them for as low as $5 a day. There will also be a recording of the training provided at the end so that you can reference the information over and over again.

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