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Writing Compelling Nonfiction with Jackie Haley

There's a world of readers out there that need your nonfiction book. You may think of nonfiction as being dry or boring, but creative storytelling isn't just for fiction writers.  What do popular nonfiction authors like Brené Brown, Michael Lewis and Malcom Gladwell have in common? They use storytelling to engage their readers and effective […]


Self-Editing Tips to Get The Most From Your Professional Editor

Join us for this workshop on Self-Editing with JoEllen Nordstrom of FirstEditing! Self-editing is the process of correcting errors, improving structure, and fine-tuning word choice in your own writing. In an ideal world, you would delegate these tasks to a professional editor, like First Editing. The importance of editing in the writing process cannot be […]


Creating Income and Connecting with Readers via Short Fiction

Matty Dalrymple, The Indy Author will provide a menu of items from which short fiction writers can choose to create income and connect with readers with their work, as well as best practices for independently publishing their short fiction. Attendees will get an overview of options for independently publishing short fiction, including the mechanics of […]


Access Creative Genius, Strategic Thinking and Writing Flow with Stacy Ennis

Stacy Ennis will teach neuroscience-based strategies to design a lifestyle that supports creative genius, strategic thinking, and writing flow. During this session, you'll learn the neuroscience behind flow, and the habits that allow you to consistently access creative genius and deep strategic thinking. Part-scientific, part-practical, this is an audience favorite because of its transformational impact. […]


Brand, Book, Bestseller with Tenita Johnson

Brand, Book, Bestseller: How to Write the One Book that's Going to Boost Your Brand and Accelerate Your Paydays Brand, Book, Bestseller is a signature presentation for ensuring that you not only build a solid brand based on your book, but that you position yourself as the expert in your industry--allowing you to accelerate your […]


Developing Deep Point of View

DEVELOPING DEEP POINT OF VIEW Developing Deep Point of View (POV) presents many challenges—which character, how many, and an opportunity to tell the story from a unique perspective. If you're writing a fiction book and need some insight on, join us for this workshop with DiAnn Mills! Why Deep Point of View matters for the […]