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Dec 9, 2018 | Market

What should you have in a good email sequence to sell more books?

A Good Email Sequence

Email remains one of the best marketing tools for authors. Time and time again, when I ask authors what their best tool is for selling more books, I get a variety of the following answers:

1 – lots of marketing

2 – growing their email list

3 – publishing more books

Recently, I interviewed Angela J. Ford, successful fantasy author, who has published 7 books, and she said that her email list has played a central role in her book sales. She even stated that when she sees a lull in book sales, she’ll run a promo, email her list, and she always sees a pretty impressive jump in sales… just from that simple act of sending out an email to her list.

But you have to be warned – growing your author platform and growing your list is NOT an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of work.

So make sure, once you get people on your list, you know how to keep them there.

An email sequence – or, 3-6 emails that you send out over a set period of time with the intent of helping the readers learn more about you – is a great way to convert people to a true fan.

What you include in your email sequence will vary greatly based on your genre, but here are some general ideas:

Email 1 – received as soon as they sign up: a confirmation that they’ve signed up, the item you promised them, and an invitation to follow you on social media, join your Facebook group, or something along those lines.

Email 2 – a few days later. Verify receipt, ask if they’ve read it and for feedback

Email 3 – more value on the subject matter

Email 4 – something interesting about you; your subject matter, and a soft pitch – do you have another book they might be interested in? A course? Mention it, but don’t try a hard sell.

Email 5 – More value – maybe a recommended list of other good books or resources?

Email 6 – a hard sell of your book, other books, coaching program, course

If you spread these emails out over time, they don’t feel sales-y and they let people get to know you so that hopefully they’ll continue reading your emails.

Generally, you should be communicating with your entire list at least 1-2 times a month. Some like to send a weekly email. That’s great if you have info of value. But don’t feel obligated. You want people to look forward to opening the emails you send.

If one well, an email sequence will help you not only keep people ON your email list, but also opening the emails you send. And that’s really important when it comes to book or product launch time!

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