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Mar 31, 2017 | Market

Creating Your Author “Business” Page on Facebook (required for Facebook Ads)

If you want to to run Facebook Ads to promote your book or grow your email list, you must have a Facebook Author Page. Luckily, it’s not difficult at all to set one up.

How To Create a Facebook Author Page:

Starting from your Facebook profile’s dashboard…..

    1. Go to the little carrot drop-down on the top right side of your profile page. Click “Create Page.
    2. To set up your page.
      1. Choose local choose Artist/Band…
      2. Choose Author from the drop-down.
      3. Enter Author Name and Click GET STARTED.
      4. Fill out personal information
      5. Description: Add your short bio including the types of books you write, titles, etc.
      6. Facebook URL: _________(Your Author Name) Makes sure there are no spaces
      7. Upload a photo of you as the profile pic
      8. Upload a cover image – you can do a nice image in Canva or Picmonkey with the covers of your book(s)
      9. Fill out everything in the About Page section
      10. Invite your friends to like this page? Absolutely. And ask them to invite their friends too.

Congratulations! You’ve set up your Facebook Author Page! Now you can start posting to build your audience, sharing about your book, and create Facebook ads to build your community. Good job!

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