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Jun 28, 2016 | Uncategorized

Using Contently to build a beautiful online portfolio page

Freelance writers, this website Contently is a fantastic free tool for portfolio development!


Have you ever looked at someone’s portfolio page and thought – my goodness, that is super nice, but WHEN will I have the time to go find all the links and arrange them on a beautiful page?

I have thought that for about four years, which is why, until today, I did not have a good portfolio page.

Then I inadvertently came across this amazing tool while I was on another freelancers website.

In just a few clicks, I created this page:

contently for easy portfolios


Now I can create a link on my page, in my bio, or in anything I send out when pitching a publication, and include this link for them to scan different articles and places I have been published.

Contently is super easy to use, but in case you have any questions, or just want to see what it can do before you set up your own account, here is a short training video.

Tutorial for Setting Up Your Portfolio

Do you have a portfolio? What did you use to create it?

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