Wow, you’re doing amazing!

Taking on the Writing World, One Book at a Time

You’re doing great but even the most experienced authors can benefit from some support and you might prefer individual coaching over group dynamics.

We recommend you book a consultation session with Alexa.

Meet with Alexa Bigwarfe for 1:1 consultation calls

You and Alexa will tackle the topic you need help with most, and she will coach you through the specific things you need to do to achieve your goals around that topic. This option is for those who want to get in the weeds in a specific area or strategy for publishing or marketing and book launch. This is not for comprehensive strategy development.

Who is Alexa Bigwarfe?

Founder, Write|Publish|Sell and Women in Publishing Summit

Alexa is the founder and CEO of Write|Publish|Sell and the host and founder of the Women in Publishing Summit.  She offers coaching, innovative training, hands-on guidance and publishing courses for authors at every stage of their career.

Her publishing journey began 10 years ago, with a mission to help people grow, heal, transform and thrive through publishing their stories. In that time, she has founded 3 publishing imprints, coached dozens of authors and developed courses to help thousands of writers do it themselves, all while writing 5 books of her own.