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Oct 3, 2023 | Market

Preparing for Your Children’s Book Launch: Essential Steps to Take

When it comes to launching your book, proper preparation is essential to ensuring a successful and impactful release. As a children’s book author, you have poured your heart and soul into creating a story that will captivate young readers and leave a lasting impression. Now, it’s time to make sure that your book launch does justice to your hard work.


Here are some essential steps to take when preparing for your book launch (we go over this in more detail in our Children’s Book Launch Checklist):


  1. Write and produce a book that is marketable! Does it follow a story ARC? Is it well developed? Does it follow the expectations of the targeted age range? Is it published in a way that makes it appealing to key buyers – children’s book librarians and teachers as well as parents? Does it have great illustrations? Is it competitive in the children’s book world?


  1. Set realistic goals: Before you start planning for your book launch, it’s important to set clear and achievable goals. These could include sales targets, number of reviews or media coverage, or even reaching out to certain target audiences. Having a goal in mind will help guide your decisions and efforts during the preparation process.


  1.  Build buzz around your launch: A successful book launch requires anticipation from potential readers.


  1. Plan an enticing cover reveal: The cover of your book is often what draws readers in initially. Make sure it stands out by planning an enticing cover reveal event on social media platforms or through email newsletters. You can also collaborate with influencers or other authors in the children’s literature community for added visibility.


  1. Utilize pre-orders: Pre-orders are an excellent way to generate early sales  and build anticipation for your book launch. Offer special incentives for pre-orders, such as signed copies or exclusive merchandise, to entice readers to order in advance.


  1. Plan a launch event: Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can plan a physical or virtual launch event. Physical events could include book signings, readings, or workshops at local bookstores or libraries. Virtual events can be held through platforms like Zoom or Instagram Live and can include author interviews, Q&A sessions, or interactive activities related to the book.


The Book Launch Checklist Download: 

As a children’s book author, one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments is when your book is finally ready to be launched into the world. Whether it’s your first book or tenth, each launch requires careful planning and execution in order to make a strong impact and reach your target audience. That’s why we have created the ultimate Book Launch Checklist Download – to help you maximize your impact and ensure a successful launch for your children’s book.

Our Book Launch Checklist Download includes all the essential must-haves that every children’s book author should consider before launching their book. From pre-launch preparations to post-launch promotions, this comprehensive checklist covers everything you need to do in order to make your book launch a success.

So let’s take a closer look at what this Book Launch Checklist Download contains:

  • Pre-Launch Production
  • Pre-Launch Marketing
  • Pre-Launch Relationships
  • During Launch

Download the Book Launch Checklist:

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