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May 12, 2019 | Publish

Changing your book price on KDP

There are many reasons you might want to change your price.

Maybe you launched at a low sale-price and now you’d like to return to a normal price.

Maybe you want to participate in a promo opportunity.

Or you’ve decided your pricing structure is way too high – like your paperback fiction book is set at over $20 and you notice that everyone else in your category is selling for $9.99 – $15.99.

Whatever the reason, it’s a piece of cake.

You need to know a few important things.

  • With an ebook – if you price your book UNDER $2.99, you will have to accept the 35% royalty rate.
  • Likewise, if you started your book at 0.99 for launch, you’ll want to MAKE SURE you’ve changed the royalty rate to 70%. It’s a big difference in royalty!
  • To give your book for free, you’ll have to enroll in KDP Select, which means you can ONLY sell your ebook on Amazon for a period of 90 days. You may not even sell it on your website. This has its pros and cons… and if you’re going to give it a try, make sure you uncheck the option for it to re-enroll automatically!

To change your price.

  1. Log into your dashboard. Hover over the 3 dots to the far right at Kindle or Print book actions.

2. Select “edit ebook pricing”.  (From the dash You can also click on the highlighted PRICE on the dashboard and it will take you into the book setup area. You’ll click on the 3rd tab “Kindle ebook pricing.”)

3. Click on the box with the price and change it to the price you want. Be sure to change the royalty rate.


4. Click “Publish your book.” The price can take up to 6 hours to change, but is usually reflected fairly quickly.

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