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Nov 30, 2015 | Publish, Uncategorized

Bublish {Resource Spotlight}

Bublish service for authors and industry professionals is geared mostly toward helping authors build success in the challenging world of marketing for authors. The interface is really easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. We are excited to dig deeper into the features.

Also, I’m excited to partner with Bublish and offer you a $10 discount off Bublish’s annual subscription rate of $99 as a Write|Publish|Sell member. Start your free trial HERE and be sure to use the code: ALEXABDISCOUNT for $10 off your annual fee or ALEXAB2018 for a $2 discount on the monthly rate.

The Bublish Mission is simple – wants to provide cutting age tools for authors and publishers to create dynamic brands that resonate in today’s market place. Provides some great tools for fan management, list building, and metrics to help you determine the success of your book.

Some of Bublish’s really cool features:

  • eBook Creator with the ability to sell pre-orders. Write your book on Bublish. While you’re writing share excerpts from your manuscript with Bublish’s “rough cut” book bubbles to build excitement and help with pre-orders. When it’s complete, you’ll be able to easily generate a formatted ePub. No more conversion fees! (As long as you’ve written it on Bublish. If your book is already written and you need to upload, it must already be in .epub format.)
  • Book Bubbles. These are a super neat tool. With the Bubbles you can drive traffic to your product pages at major online book retailers without feeling like a salesperson. Bublish’s Book Bubbles combine visual branding elements, social sharing features, enriched excerpts and calls to action to create a micro-browsing experience like no other, AND works with Amazon, Barnes+Noble, Google Play, iBooks and Kobo. Readers can also comment on your bubbles and follow you to receive emails every time you create a new bubble. Example of a bubble. 



Pretty cool, huh?

  • Real-Time Metrics. Bublish’s Authorpreneur Dashboard shows you where and when readers are engaging with your book content AND where and when they convert to make a purchase. 
  • Author Profile. Bublish’s LinkedIn-style profile for authors showcases your bio and all your books in one place. The profiles are really nice and professional pages. I just started setting up my profile, but hey, follow me! Alexa Bigwarfe profile.
  • Book Promotion Resources. Access to exclusive tutorials and resources, and be invited to our free, bi-weekly webinars with the world’s top publishing and marketing professionals. 


Check out more about the Bublish service and Start your free trial HERE. Be sure to use the code:WPSPARTNER when you sign up for an account for your $10 discount!

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