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It’s time to smash YOUR book launch!



You’ve seen the big book launches and maybe you’re asking yourself,¬† how do I do a big launch like that?! The answer is simple: you need a plan, a strategy, and a map of exactly what you need to do, where, when, and how.¬†Today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to hand it to you, in a neat little package.


What to Expect in Book Launch in A Box, Live

book launch in a box

Looking for a Beginner Level Program?

The live Book Launch in a Box Program is an advanced level, 12-week program. We expect that you’ll already have some of the basics in place – at least a basic website in the works, an email CRM, a presence started on Instagram, even if you aren’t using it regularly, and you’re ready to move forward with building an ARC team and seeking editorial reviews.

If you AREN’T at that level yet, I recommend starting with our Book Launch in a Box BASICS – which is a self-paced course and will get you set up for all of the things above.


Book Launch in a Box - the BASICS

Need a little more information? Watch the “Smash Your Book Launch” webinar!