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You’ve seen the big book launches and maybe you’re asking yourself,  how do I do a big launch like that?! The answer is simple: you need a plan, a strategy, and a map of exactly what you need to do, where, when, and how.

Or maybe, you’ve launched a book and don’t know what to do after the launch?

Today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to hand it to you, in a neat little package.


What is Book Launch in a Box?

This is a comprehensive 6-month program covering 6 fundamentals to ensure both you and your book are ready for book launch and beyond.

We teach the strategy, provide the tools to implement, and create a container for success through live (virtual) Q&A sessions, implementation, and accountability. 

The ENTIRE Advanced Book Launch Process, from Nuts to Bolts, including what to do AFTER your books are launched.

We’re teaching you the 

Signature Launch Process we charge $5,000 – $10,000 to do for clients!

But we’re not just teaching it… we’re walking you through the entire process to implement.

For a FRACTION of the cost


We expect attendees to have some basic knowledge of technology associated with marketing – websites, social media, and email lists, or have someone they can hire to help them with these elements. We have some training programs included on this, but this is not a tech heavy tutorial program. It’s marketing strategy. We’ll be here to walk you through the steps and answer your questions to the best of our ability!

An overview of what you can expect in Book Launch in a Box

What’s included?

In this course, you will get:

  • 6-month program with on demand training (access and complete whenever you want) supplemented with live support
  • 6 lesson modules – The Foundations of a solid pre-launch, launch, and post-launch marketing
  • Q&As with the experts to support the trainings
  • Instruction for using key marketing tools to grow your readers and reviewers
  • Worksheets, templates, resources we’ve created to save you time and energy
  • Private FB community for additional support
  • Guest experts and resources
  • No expiration date to training materials

BONUS Content!

  • Premium Course – Instagram For Authors Course
  • Consolidated list of trade and editorial review sites
  • Curated list of bloggers, bookstagrammers, and other influencers who support book launches
  • 30 Days of Reels – if IG is your thing
  • Email Sequence Template for Advanced Readers
  • Email sequence template for general subscribers
  • Discounts on other courses and program offerings
  • Bonus courses and trainings – like how to write a hook and logline, running a successful kickstarter, forming partnerships to explode your launch
  • and so much more!

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This live course won’t be offered again until June 2025

Positioning your book to sell

Fundamental 1:

Positioning Your Book

If you want the book to sell well, it has to be set up for success!

Fundamental 2:

Creating Buzz: Retailers and Librarians

The importance of Trade Reviews and what you need to understand for retailers and librarians to know about and want your book!

Creating buzz for librarians
Buzz for consumer reviews

Fundamental 3:

Creating Buzz: Consumers & Launch Team

How to get reviews from readers + managing your launch team for greatest success

Fundamental 4:


Descriptions, book covers, social media – are you presenting your book in a way that is clear to the ideal reader?

Expanding Your REach

Fundamental 5:

Expanding Your Reach!

How to reach even more people when you’re launching and beyond the launch!

Fundamental 6:


Before, during, and after the launch, you’ve got to get visible! Special guest expert, April Pertuis, will bring all of her A-Game teaching on Visibility and PR!


Register Today Before Doors Close!

This course won’t be offered again until June 2025


Ideally, you will not be launching before September 2024 or up to August 2025 to join this program.
If you are looking for a big launch and you don’t have a big audience or haven’t implemented the fundamentals described above (and want to), I would encourage you to postpone your launch date (if that is in your power.)
You can certainly implement some items before the July and definitely the August launch dates, and even beyond your launch, but we’ve really designed this program for the authors who have the time to plan it all out without skipping steps, stressing, or feeling rushed.

Our next cohort begins 6/24/24. The bonus Book Launch in a Box – the BASICs is available immediately upon signup to ensure you’re ready to start the Advanced program. The program runs for a total of 6 months, with a week off for the 4th of July.


Nope! I’m calling it a LIVE program because I’ll be running live Q&A sessions, co-working sessions, and other events for you to join IF YOU CAN – to help you implement. But the course is designed so that you don’t ever have to attend a live event if you’re unable to do so. Everything is recorded. For the Q&A sessions – you’ll be able to post your questions in the Facebook group or send via email, and we’ll ensure they are answered – at the beginning of the Q&A session so you don’t have to watch the entire replay.


We will not offer 1:1 coaching, but you will have opportunities to ask questions during our weekly Q&A sessions. Your individual questions will be answered through the program, so you can consider these mini coaching sessions!


HECK NO!!! The goal in the 6 months is to teach you the fundamentals of all of these elements and give you the tools and resources to know what is going to be the best approach to YOUR launch. By the end of the program, you will know exactly what to do and on what timeline works for you. You will implement that on your own timeframe. And we’ll be in the group ready to cheer you on and support that launch when it happens.


Ironically, neither do I! And because of the bad experiences I have had in previous group coaching situations (for which I paid a lot of money!) I have structured this program in a way that is designed to make sure everyone is getting personalized feedback. All participants will receive the same training modules and the same resources, but through the live coaching sessions, Q&As and sessions with my team, I feel certain you will feel as if your specific questions are answered. Now, we’re not going to do the work FOR you unless you hire us to do that, but we’ll be giving feedback to your project. And if you’re unable to attend the live Q&A sessions, just get me your questions and I’ll record the answers.


$897 for the full six months. Be sure to sign up while on Early Bird pricing. Not on our email list? Send us an email at and we’ll let you know if we have any active coupon codes!


As long as I’m still operating my business and keeping the program open. If I should ever decide to close down shop, you’ll be sent a message to go download any materials you still need.


I hear you on this! We used to offer done for you marketing and launch services. Until we realized how much the author really needs to be involved in the process. However, once you learn the basics, you can hire a team to help you implement. We’ll cover this in the program!


Probably not more than I have! 😉 Just kidding. I think what I hear in this question is… how will this program be different? Well, first of all, my background as an author of multiple genres AND a publisher AND a book marketing expert has allowed me to build a baseline of knowledge that is pretty expansive. This course teaches some elements I’ve never seen taught in other book marketing programs. This is NOT a quick marketing endeavor. This program is hard work and there’s a lot to do (again, we expect it will take you some time to implement it all) and is based off of a traditional publishing approach – because it works. If you’re in a hurry, need to speed launch your book, are rapid launching multiple books, or aren’t interested in a 3-6 month approach to your book launch, this program probably isn’t for you. AND.. Unlike a course where you just get told about concepts, we’re going to help you implement those concepts. 

You will receive training modules on the odd weeks of the program. (Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) The modules will take you anywhere from 30 mins to an hour or two to complete the training. These can be done whenever you want. On the even weeks (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) we will offer optional opportunities for There is one 60-min Q&A sessions and co-working sessions.
Implementation of the concepts can take a good chunk of time. This is up to you on how much time you can devote to this.
In almost all publishing situations, the author is still responsible for the lion’s share of marketing – growing your author platform, getting out and talking about your book, creating buzz. We’re not teaching anything about publishing (except the first module – positioning your book) – but even that’s not strictly about publishing – and it’s useful knowledge.
Positioning of the book is something your publisher will do on your behalf, but they may or may not submit your book for trade and editorial reviews. And even if they submit for one or two, you’ll likely be on responsible for seeking more, if you want them.
If you have a publisher, I would encourage you to ask them what type of marketing they will be doing for you, what you’ll be responsible for, and see how that matches up with the content provided in this course. The first two modules will be things your publisher may or may not do, but beyond that, the program is focused on concepts and trainings that you will want to employ regardless of route to publishing.

Register Today Before Doors Close!

This course won’t be offered again until June 2025

This is my fifth novel, and for the first time, I really feel in control of the pre-launch and launch activities. I have my ARC readers lined up; the first few reviews are already up on Goodreads; I’m hitting my target market; and I’ve got lots of ideas to implement between now and 19th October. And that’s all thanks to Book Launch In A Box. Alexa and the team made sure I worked through everything step by step; and they were always ready to answer questions, no matter how trivial, or how often they’d been asked before.

Elizabeth Ducie, author of Murder at Mountjoy Manor, a cozy mystery set in an English village.

Elizabeth Ducie


Book Launch in a Box is , in a word, Fantastic!
Every writer from every genre and publication journey should understand the ins, outs,a and sideways of launching their work.  I appreciated the way the lessons were organized and that I could go over the material again and again. Although some of the strategies did not directly apply to my situation, I learned that I can use what I need to give my book a chance in the constantly changing publishing world. The live Zoom meetings were so helpful and enlightening as well. Book Launch in a Box is well worth the precious time and money investment. 5+stars!
Antoinette Martin


BLAB gave me so much inspiration because of the knowledge about the publishing and marketing world. I am a new author with only one book published, so this information was priceless.

Teeha Harris


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Register Today Before Doors Close!

This course won’t be offered again until June 2025