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Aug 17, 2017 | Market

Setting up a simple book landing page

Why do you need a book landing page?

As soon as you decide to start telling people about your book, you want to be able to drive them to your email list. Why? The email list is the one marketing tool you actually own and control. Statistics still show that the best way to sell your product is through the email list. So, grow the list! The easiest way to do that is through a book landing page. Eventually, once your book is ready to sell, this will become a sales page. But, before you have a fancy cover or a sales page to send them to, you’ll need just a simple book landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

Quite simply, it is a page with one goal of either adding people to your email list OR selling something. In our case, we want to get people to enter their email list so that we can provide them value and market our books and services to them. But don’t forget the PROVIDE VALUE part. We’ll talk all about email sequences and what to send the email list in another article.

You want your landing page to be clean, simple, not distracting, and have NO OTHER OPTIONS other than for them to sign up to be on your email list. To get them to give you theirĀ email, you want to provide them something attractive. A free pdf download, a sample chapter of your book, a checklist or quick win that is related to your book. Or even better, if you’re willing to add all of them to your Advanced Reader Copy list, knock two stones out at once! But you’ll probably want more details on your site if you do that. If you don’t have these things, that’s okay. You can simply say, my book is coming! Please join the list to learn more and be the first to know when the book is available. Or whatever you think will entice them to enter that coveted email address!

How do I set it up?

There are so many ways to do a landing page. You can pay for a service such asĀ ConvertKit (our favorite because it’s the email system and landing page together), LeadPages, Instapage, or any number of other paid services. OR, you can set up something all on your own. You need to know how to set up a new page on your website and link your email provider.

On this page you’ll include some type of image, a quick description of your book and why they want to be on the email list to learn more about it, plus the email sign up form. If you have a freebie or some other kind of fun opt-in to offer to encourage them to sign up, that is great too.

Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to set up a simple book landing page on your website and integrating it with your email provider to drive people to your email list. This is using WordPress and ConvertKit.


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