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Nov 15, 2021 | Market

Black Friday Deals for Writers – 2021

black friday writers

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Black Friday Deals for Authors – 2021

There are a LOT of fantastic offers on this list. So how do you determine which ones to go for now?

Questions to ask yourself:

Where are you in the process today?

What tools will you need within the next 6-12 months?

What are you going to most need to move your project forward?

Even if you don’t need one of these tools today, but know you’ll need them in the next 3-12 months, grab these savings while they are available!

In full disclosure, many of these links are affiliate links. An affiliate link does not change your cost at all. Affiliate programs are a way to thank people for referring new customers to their products and services.

Join Us Virtually March 2-5, 2022

The biggest virtual event for women in the publishing industry. Authors, editors, publishers, marketers – we cover everything from why to write a book to the hows, to the launch, and the business of being an author. Culminating on International Women’s Day, we celebrate, empower, encourage, and support women writers and professionals in the publishing industry.

While this is a virtual event, we load it with opportunities to network and connect. The presentations are live with Q&A sessions, so you’ll be able to engage directly with the presenter. Our networking and special sessions allow you to get to know other attendees. And you’ll have access to a private group for a year, in which we offer additional networking & connection opportunities.

“Just want you to know that this was the most beneficial, wonderful conference I have ever been to. It was dynamite. And you are just so lovely and friendly. I feel as if we’ve been friends for years! Thanks.” – Pam Goldstein, attendee

Such an amazing conference. So impressed with the content. By far the most comprehensive collection for a writing/publishing conference. Great job!” – Stephanie Victoria Anderson, Cover Designer & Interior Formatter at Alt19 Creative

The Early Bird pricing is $100 off. Don’t miss it!

​Instagram for Authors is a power packed course providing authors with all the tools they need to successfully use Instagram to Market and grow their author platforms… which helps to sell their books. Since implementing these strategies, our authors have been selling FOUR TIMES as many books at launch. It has thrilled us to see the results that our efforts have taken. Led by our IG strategist, this course is power-packed with all the tools you need to start and grow your Instagram account, and how to sell a ton of books at launch. DO NOT MISS IT!

pro writing aid

ProWritingAid gives you clear, easy steps to improve your writing so you can share your ideas with confidence.

What sets ProWritingAid apart from other writing software is that it offers world-class grammar and style checking combined with more in-depth reports to help you strengthen your writing. Their unique combination of suggestions, articles, videos, and quizzes makes writing fun and interactive.

The more you use ProWritingAid, the more you will learn. Your skills will grow and your ideas will shine.

Integrations for MS Word, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, Chrome and many more mean that you can use ProWritingAid wherever you write.

You will become a better writer with ProWritingaid.

Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is a Book marketing software that helps authors with finding profitable keywords and categories and even helps them build Amazon books ads effectively and efficiently. The course that comes with this deal, which is normally $50, will show you each step of the way and give you inside information on how to best select your keywords and categories.

For a limited time only, you can get the Kindlepreneur Keywords and Categories Course absolutely free when you buy Publisher Rocket. This course has over 200+ 5 star reviews, and is normally $50.

Because of this, you first get Publisher Rocket, which is the worlds leading book marketing software that has helped over 70,000+ authors of all levels sell more books, and save loads of time doing it. It will help you select profitable keywords, and select bestselling categories with ease. Furthermore, its Amazon Ads featutres will aid you in developing effective ads for your book, and save you loads of hours each time.

Plus, with the purchase of Rocket, you get the Kindlepreneur Keywords and Categories course absolutely free, which was designed to help authors choose the right keywords for their books and understand how to select the perfect categoreis that will not only hlep you book sell more, but have you hit the bestseller status with ease. Watch over my shoulder as I show you each step of the way.

So, jump on this deal while it lasts so you get the tool and the methods to helping improve your book sales now.

self-publishing 101

This self-paced course will take you through your book’s production to ensure you have the most professional, most beautiful book possible, positioned to sell! This is an essential resource for anyone who’s thinking of trying publishing on their own!

Includes modules on:

  • Understanding the Publishing Timeline
  • The elements of a published book
  • Interior design, cover design, ebook conversion
  • Where and how to load and publishing your book
  • Keywords & categories
  • Basic Book Launch fundamentals

Get 40% off with coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2021


six figure sales map
This course is geared toward INDIE FICTION AUTHORS.
It’s not going to help so much with nonfiction. If you are trad pub and can’t access things like your amazon ads dashboard or see your sales numbers, this will also not be super helpful.
It focuses on a three-pronged approach to ads: paid newsletters, amazon ads, and Facebook ads. It does not cover BookBub Ads

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You want to scale up your author income on your fiction books
  • You haven’t seen the results you want from Facebook or Amazon ads
  • You haven’t even TRIED Facebook or Amazon ads
  • You want to grow an organic readership of rabid fans who keep coming back for more
  • You want to know how to use platforms like Instagram + Tiktok…without spending a million hours making content
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the information out there
  • You like your trainings without a side of BS and maybe some Mean Girls gifs

This is one of the most comprehensive courses for learning and running good ads for Fiction Authors.


  • Writing to Market
  • Improving Readthrough
  • Writing Blurbs & Ad Copy
  • Utilizing Instagram + Tiktok for Sales
  • Wide + KU Strategies
  • How to Price + Position Your Book
  • Engaging Readers with Email
  • Book Launch Strategies
  • Organic Sales- How to Get and SUSTAIN Them
  • Amazon Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Case Studies on Ads and Book Launches
  • Craft Lessons to Hook Readers

Get $200 off the course through December 3rd with the coupon code: GOBBLEGOBBLE


First Editing

FirstEditing’s professional editors manually correct and perfect your every word so you can publish confidently and successfully.

FirstEditing is unique because it vets, trains, and certifies expert editors with publishing experience to coach you.

Over 50,000 authors since 1994 have entrusted FirstEditing with their manuscripts.

After completing your self-edit, be sure you are ready to distribute publicly.

Get an expert editor in your genre to personally edit your writing, revise your syntax, and advise you how to structurally strengthen your English presentation.


Editing a manuscript is a big undertaking, both intellectually and emotionally. Being thorough can be difficult and time-consuming, but the creative story editing process always pays off.

Fictionary StoryTeller makes editing easier by applying universal storytelling structures to each and every scene. Evaluate and revise your manuscript against 38 Fictionary Story Elements to tell a powerful story readers will naturally connect with.

StoryTeller automatically creates powerful visuals by analyzing your manuscript from start to finish. Insights such as the Story Arc provide a 30,000-foot view of your manuscript and quickly highlight structural areas that need improvement. Turn your words into a great story.

Grammar LIon

Strengthen your writing and editing.
Whether you’re a writer, an editor, a researcher,
a businessperson, or a student, your writing
needs to be clean and professional to inspire confidence in your work. Good writing requires good grammar,
and that’s where A Grammar Refresher comes in.
This course will reinforce the rules you learned at school
and teach you some you didn’t.
Learn at your own pace as you enjoy 12 weeks of course access.
Your instructor is always available to support your learning.

black friday deals for writers

The Ultimate Novel Writing Software.

“I have achieved more in the past two months than in the previous two years using your program, and would recommend it to anyone.”

Are you struggling to write your first novel?

The Novel Factory helps guide new writers through the novel writing process – while completing your first manuscript.

Or are you an experienced writer, who’d like to increase efficiency?

It also contains heaps of useful templates, resources and intuitive interactive features to help novelists of all levels of experience save time, and get a better grip on both the big picture and the tiny details.

Use the coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2021 for 30% off!


More than 100,000 writers use Campfire to write better stories faster. With Campfire Write’s full suite of organizational tools, you can create character sheets, full timelines, relationship webs, and a manuscript with built-in reference tools that allow you to double-check yourself while you write. When you’re done, publish your project in Campfire Explore where you can show off your work, garner a following, and eventually monetize your writing.

Campfire is free to try, but if you find yourself needing to create bigger projects you only have to pay for the features you need. Start a subscription for as low as 50 cents per month or pay a one-time price with our à la carte payment structure.

Get 30% off all lifetime purchases code: BLACKFRIDAY

Rebel Learners


Do you want to improve your writing but have no idea where to start?

Are you worried your prose is flat and full of weak descriptions?

Are you ready to power up your writing and create prose that grips your reader to the page?

In this course, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about creating sensory-rich writing. I’ll show you the psychology behind the senses as well as how to connect sensory detail with memory to deepen both your characterization and imagery.

Emotion and the emotional journey your hero goes on is the foundation of any good story. What creates and enhances emotion? Sense rich writing.

This course is jam-packed full of useful tips and tricks to make you think about the senses in new and unique ways. By the end of the course, your writing will be richer, deeper and more powerful.


If you want to create better villains, this course will show you how. In the class we cover:

+ Common villain story structures
+ The six common villain journeys and the key scenes you need
+ Villain wounds, scars and ideologies
+ How to create unlikeable characters
+ A villain’s defining moment
+ Save the Cat villain style
+ The aspects a villain-protagonist story MUST include
+ Your villain’s villain and how to create them

Supercharge your bad guys today and give your story the tension, conflict and power it needs.

Get 30% off until 12/2/21 with code: BLACKFRIDAY30

Rebel Learners

Ready for a game-changer? One Stop for Writers is the creativity partner you’ve dreamed of, containing an arsenal of ground-breaking tools that can help you level up your fiction. Whether you want to build memorable characters, stunning worlds, or fresh, engaging plots, One Stop has resources that demystify storytelling so you can write stronger stories much more easily. And if you need step-by-step guidance, our new Storyteller’s Roadmap is your GPS for planning, writing, and revising your way to a best-selling novel. Expert help without the high costs of story coaching…it’s time to get your book to the finish line.

Use the code BLACKFRIDAY2021 and receive a 40% discount on our 6-month plan.

Writing can be easier…and with One Stop, it will be!

Rebel Learners

Join over 1.5 MILLION writers and worldbuilders, and build the world of your dreams with World Anvil!

World Anvil’s award winning software is a comprehensive worldbuilding and story bible that takes you from inspiration to publication. Develop your setting, plots and characters with flexible worldbuiding templates. Use family trees, timelines, interactive maps, diplomacy trees – in short, everything you need to create, store and organize your rich novel setting.

Plan, write and edit your novel in our sleek novel writing software. Access all your worldbuilding from your writing space, to streamline your process and cut out context shifts that eat into your productivity.

Market your work to the world! Allow your readers to explore your world interactively, and give rewards like flash fiction, detailed back stories and more to your superfans, Patreons, or those who buy your book. Rally your community with discussion boards, showcase your inspirations and grow your fanbase. Our authors reported a 300% increase in sales using World Anvil as a marketing tool.

And finally, join our community – the nicest place on the internet! We lift our creators up with challenges, opportunities and publicity, and are dedicated to helping writers and worldbuilders launch their careers and soar!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY on check out!

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