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Jan 13, 2022 | Market

Author Spotlight: Stevie Dawn

Author Spotlight: Dr. Stevie Dawn

It’s time for another author spotlight here on Write Publish Sell! Today, we’re featuring Dr. Stevie Dawn. Her new book, Always Be the Shark, is launching in February and we have all the details in an exclusive interview.

About Dr. Stevie Dawn

As a motivational speaker and coach, Dr. Stevie Dawn is focused on helping people to unleash unstoppable success in their lives both personally and professionally. Her experience as a 4-time business owner, along with her work in the private and public sector, allows her to enhance her presentations with real life stories and examples that are applicable to every audience. Her educational background includes a master’s degree in sociology from Wichita State University and a doctorate in leadership from Colorado State University. With over 20 years of teaching and training experience, Dr. Stevie Dawn approaches every engagement with humor, inspiration, and energy to get people moving towards their best lives.

  • 4-Time Business owner
  • Founder of Stevie Dawn Inspires
  • PhD in Leadership (studied Emotional Intelligence)
  • Addicted to Sharks, Coffee, and Red Wine
  • Lives with her husband and family in Mansfield, TX

Please tell us a little about Always Be the Shark.

Ever asked yourself, “I did everything right—why isn’t my life how I want it to be?” Author Stevie Dawn Carter slammed into a brick wall after she achieved a 5 years-long goal and realized she felt hollow instead of fulfilled. Exposing her personal struggles, Stevie Dawn has empowered her clients, and now she brings her proven insights for true, satisfying success through her book, Always Be the Shark: Reclaiming Your Story to Reclaim Your Life.

This is the book for you if you are in a transition—”I’ve been a mom and now my kids don’t need me!” or “I’m leaving a business career to start my own business.” As a high achiever who is used to doing everything and doing it well, Stevie unleashes your inner shark to get more out of your life, clearly pursue your best life, and discover joy and peace along the way.

Why did you write the book?

The truth is that we all have a story. A journey through life. Yet, many of us lose track of ourselves as we go through adulthood. It becomes all about our kids, our family, our career. We focus on the expectations of society instead of picking up our own pen and owning our story. That was my journey and I thought it might be able to help others overcome the same obstacles that I had faced.

Who is Always Be the Shark for?

I think this book is perfect for anyone who is stuck. For anyone who is feeling like life isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Maybe you are going through a transition in your career, family or life. Maybe you are just lacking motivation and want to get it back. Either way, this book can give you some guidance, some laughs, and some strategies to kickstart your success.

What is YOUR favorite part of the book?

My personal favorite part of the book is the strategies. I am a very practical, pragmatic person. I don’t like to dawdle and I don’t like to waste time. As I wrote the book I tried to highlight as many different tips and strategies as I could to help others take action.

When did you start writing books?

I wrote my first book as soon as I started my business several years ago. I have always liked to write focused books to enhance and empower the reader to take action in their lives.

How is this book different from other books in your genre or niche?

I think what makes this book different is that it is practical advice from someone who has lived it. It is not a lot of fluff. Not a lot of sitting down and meditating on information. It is about taking action. It is about getting your life on track and taking ownership of it. It is about painting a vision for your life and going after it!

What challenges did you face writing your book during a pandemic?

I think the biggest challenge I always face is….is it good enough? Does it go deep enough? Is it helpful? These are all questions that I consider deeply with every project. But at some point, you have to say…it doesn’t have to be perfect and put it out there in the world.

Where is the best place for readers to connect with you?

@drsteviedawn on social media

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