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A Major Component of your Book Launch Success is Having a Robust Group of ARC Readers

We’d love to share our Advance Reader (ARC) team Strategy, plus some bonus launch tips, to help you grow and work with your reviewers.

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We’ve launched a LOT of books over the last ten years. And one common factor in the most successful book launches is:

a STRONG ARC team!

What is an ARC team?

You may here this called a variety of names. Book Launch team, Street Team, ARC team.

The purpose of ARC readers is to READ and REVIEW and POST said reviews on either GoodReads, Netgalley, Amazon, Instagram or other social, blogs, or any other places reviews go.

Some authors have more robust launch teams, but your goal with your ARC team specifically is simply: give out a book, receive reviews.

This is not always easy!

Key differences between Beta Readers, ARC team, Launch team:

  • Beta readers – small group of readers who help you clean up your book, make improvements, and prepare it for you to send to an editor
  • ARC team – your advance readers – their mission is to read and review your book
  • Launch team – your CHEERLEADERS for launch. This may or may not include your ARC readers. They post and share about your book, but might not have actually read or reviewed it.

Our Story

Alexa’s writing career began after her infant daughter passed away at 2 days old and she turned to writing for healing. Since then, she has used her writing platform for advocacy and activism to support mothers, children, and marginalized voices.

She is passionate about her role as an author advocate – helping authors make well-informed decisions on the steps they need to take to publish and market, how to find the right partners and tools in this journey, and tips that will ensure you can actually market your book.

What We Do

Wherever you are in your journey to write, publish,
or market your book, we’re here to help you navigate the process. We offer paid courses, coaching, and training and tons of free resources including YouTube tutorials to help you through this process. Our most notable programs include WIP School and the Women in Publishing Summit.

WIP School is our monthly membership program focused around growing authors from beyond their Work in Progress to being savvy authorpreneurs and book marketing experts.

10 Years of Write | Publish | Sell

We’re filled with so much gratitude and pride in the journey we’ve traveled, the writers we’ve uplifted, and the stories we’ve helped bring to life over the last decade. Over the last decade, Write | Publish | Sell has been a guide for thousands of authors like you. Through our comprehensive webinars, the Women in Publishing Summit, coaching, and specialized services, we’ve made publishing and book marketing more accessible than ever.

With each project, our team gains new insights, refining our expertise in the ever-evolving world of publishing and marketing. And at the heart of it all? A burning passion for championing authors.

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