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Hi, I am Alexa Bigwarfe

founder and CEO of Write | Publish | Sell

I started out probably just like you – scouring information on writing, publishing, and book marketing every place I could find it. I read blogs, took courses, and listened to podcasts, finding myself rapidly overwhelmed and often making bad choices that wasted time and money. I learned what I needed to know to get started and continued to seek information on improving the process and getting better results.

After self-publishing my first two books, others started reaching out to me asking all of the questions, with the biggest being:

How did you publish your book?

I answered many of the same questions over and over, so I began creating content, training, and resources to help authors get started, publish, and move into more advanced marketing. I began to assist authors through the publishing, and eventually established three of my own publishing houses.

Over the last decade we’ve helped thousands of authors through our webinars, conferences, coaching, and services. Our team learns from and improves, honing our skills as experts in the publishing and book marketing world, with every project we touch.

I am passionate about my role as an author advocate – helping authors make well-informed decisions on the steps they need to take to publish and market, how to find the right partners and tools in this journey, and tips that will ensure you can actually market your book.

We offer paid courses, coaching, and training and tons of free resources to help you through this process.


What We Do

Join WIP School 

WIP School is our monthly membership program focused around growing authors from beyond their Work in Progress to being savvy authorpreneurs and book marketing experts.

1:1 Consulting with Alexa

Designed for the authors who want 1:1 consulting, Alexa offers 30-min and 1-hour consulting calls or more in depth consulting arrangements over a longer period of time. You can also book a VIP intensive, which is a 4 hour meeting to create and enhance your book marketing strategy.

Join Live Training & Workshops

Our monthly training sessions dig into the most common issues and topics that authors will face. These 90-minute sessions go deep into a specific topic, providing tutorials, action steps, and key information to educate authors in various aspects of publishing and marketing their books. Our attendees love the live interaction and ability to ask questions during the training with our guest experts.

The Team



Publishing Assistant/Launch Coordinator

Nancy has been a member of the Write Publish Sell team since 2016, helping authors execute marketing plans, build launch teams and implement book marketing tech solutions. Besides contributing a chapter to Ditch the Fear and Just Market It!, Nancy also co-edited and contributed to Lose the Cape Mom’s Guide to Becoming Socially and Politically Engaged (And Rising Tiny Activists, Too!). Nancy lives in Northern California with her husband and three children where she helps to organize for racial justice and is engaged in pro-Democracy work. In her spare time, she reads, binges YouTube  videos and keeps her New York Times Crossword streak going.



Marketing Expert

Instagram became Raewyn’s happy place – finding community after the birth of her daughter. Through years as a blogger with a Journalism degree, Raewyn’s Instagram obsession became an advantage for her clients. Pairing up with Alexa Bigwarfe of Write Publish Sell, Raewyn began working with authors to market their books. She has helped fiction, non-fiction, and children’s authors to have successful bestselling launches. Raewyn lives in Southern California with her husband and two children. Bubbling with ideas about almost every topic known to man, Raewyn enjoys bringing people together, socializing and making a difference in the lives of others.



Community Manager

Pam is a former teacher turned work from home mom. She has a passion for helping others and uses this passion to manage the Facebook groups for Write Publish Sell. You’ll often find her behind the scenes of the blog formatting and creating graphics. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, 3 boys, and rescue dog (her only little girl!). She invites you to pop into one of our groups (some are free) and say hi!



Social Media Expert

Mandi has been in leadership and advocacy for the last 15+ years. A passionate content creator, presenting content with an inclusive and heart-centered approach is one of her biggest strengths. She is an entrepreneur, artist, and the author of 2 books PROUD emPOWERment for LGBTQA+ and Cosmic Unicorns, a diverse, inclusive, and empowering personalized children’s book.  Her closest friends describe her as thoughtful, tenacious, and empathic. You can win her heart with authentic kindness, coffee, glitter, and anything rainbow!



Executive Assistant

Lauren loves handling customer support and service related requests. She will streamline your concerns and make sure they are delivered to the appropriate team member. Working as an Executive Assistant for most of her career, she has developed and expanded her skills to establish the ultimate customer-to-client experience outside of the corporate world. Lauren prides herself on being a continuous learner and being flexible to adapt to changes in an evolving society. Outside of the office, you can find her traveling, practicing yoga, or just snuggled up with a good book and her yorkie-pom, Ruby.



Publishing Assistant

Cayce LaCorte’s entire life revolves around books. She writes in multiple genres, including fantasy, romance, and mystery. At Write Publish Sell, she’s had the privilege of working with and learning from Alexa Bigwarfe, while managing book production and overseeing marketing. She reads at least one book a week and when not reading, she’s creating chaos over on TikTok. As an early adopter of TikTok (and BookTok), she works with publishers and authors to help them adapt to the new platform. Using her creative mind in pursuit of unique and original marketing ideas is a strength but also a passion. While no one can prepare for what may randomly come out of her mouth, it is always entertaining to watch and occasionally educational. 

Publishing and marketing a book can be overwhelming. 

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