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Dec 21, 2023 | Market

6 Book Launch Strategies


6 Book Launch Strategies

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Your book launch strategy matters! There are 6 Launch Strategies we focus on at Write|Publish|Sell.

It’s surprising to see authors spend so much time on the writing and production of their book, and yet often so little time planning out how they are going to actually MARKET that book. 

While it’s critical to have a great, edited book that people will want to read and share about, a great cover, and all the production elements you can’t skip, if NO ONE KNOWS about your book, it will not sell.

This is true across every genre, and every book.

Sometime authors are afraid of marketing – because it can be overwhelming and requires a lot of additional skill sets for some of us.

But marketing can also be really fun. Especially if you’ve approached it with a plan. Whether it’s fun or not, it’s a requirement if you want to sell books.

We have a great resource to help you learn the type of launch you should consider for your book, and some case studies to help you implement.

In the free webinar, Smash Your Book Launch, these 4 of the 6 key launch strategies are taught.

1- Rapid Release (multiple books publishing over a short period of time)

2 – Passion project (releasing a book that is the fulfillment of a dream, not meant to drive tons of sales)

3 – Traditional launch (long timeframe, all the bells and whistles)

4 – Relaunch (re-energizing an already published book)

The two not discussed in the webinar, but still very important, especially to entrepreneurs and business builders are:

5 – Audience Growth (releasing a book for the major purpose of giving it away to grow your email list – best used by entrepreneurs; or secondly – or the initial low-hanging fruit to bring people into your funnel)

6 – Thought leader / expertise launch (writing a book with the intent of speaking gigs, being recognized as an expert; a tool for pitching workshops, training, etc for corporate America, etc)

(If you’re an entrepreneur or someone building a business with, or around a book, click here for a resource that may interest you!)

Your launch can be a hybrid version and blend of more than one of these tactics, but you’ll only know that if you create a PLAN!

Watch it now!

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